<aside> 🏁 LUV NFT: Cool looking Love Money that can be bartered in IRL (In Real Life), Web5 or in the metaverse.




A married couple named Hahz & Candy lost 3 six-figure businesses in 2020 due to COVID, which led to the creation of BLKLUV.org. This, in turn, led to the couple manifesting millions to create a pandemic relief solution for the world.

LUV NFT removed the middleman from the traditional nonprofit process to allow p2p donations on Web5 using cool-looking money called D-commerce.

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Love Money ($LUV L$VE $RNT) is the new Web5 like that can pay your rent and buy you food.

Web5 is the combination of (Web2 + Web3) that cannot be scammed because all Love Money is verified on-blockchain as a public ledger everyone can verify and everyone supports their tribe as a united team. Bots cannot donate time to help others, and scammers will not accept Love Money or subscribe to a 100% purpose-transparent economy.

As a GTM campaign for LUV NFT Hahz & Candy are tokenizing their story as a LUV NFT as proof of their come up story told during live Web5 Discord event episodes. Listeners that tune in get paid Love Money and have the first rights to buy LUV NFTs of proof of their story to retell and sell it in a Discord channel.

Learn how to manifest your dream job doing what you love with a tribe supporting you on your Web5 quest.


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Negative Vibes

🚫 Everyone complains about solutions with no CTA (call to action) to solve them.

🧠 Reviews and comments are based on on the mental state vibration wise.

😈 Social media algorithms are powered by negative fear vibe content.