How To Create An NFT Event With NFT Tickets & NFT Live Streaming

It’s time to raise the bar of NFT conference’s and event standards. NFT conference’s shouldn’t charge $100s of dollars to attend an event about NFTs and not have NFT event tickets. The old Web 2.0 way of monetizing events have been replaced by NFTs. In most cases, advanced technology replacing an old way of doing business is a bad thing for the old way as far as profit, with the event industry this isn’t the case. 

The best use case of NFT event tickets has been Coachella who:

🎟 Auctioned ten lifetime event tickets ($250000 up to $2000000)🤯. 

🎟 Allowed attendees can now all claim a free NFT courtesy of the festival’s partnership with FTX.  

🎟 Partnered with 88rising to create three collections:

1️⃣ 5000 NFTs – $88 Buy now

2️⃣ 1000 NFTs – $288 Buy now

3️⃣ 6 NFTs – $? Buy now

NFTs that will be redeemable for digital and physical experiences at the festival plus tons of amazing perks and utilities from 88rising and Coachella including dedicated entry lines, tickets to Head In The Clouds Festival, an onsite festival meetup, early access to merch and NFT drops, and more.

I’ll spare you the time of reading about the old way of attending events online and offline and dive right into the new way. 

The LUV NFT Market way of launching a live NFT event.

1️⃣ Create a limited amount of LUV 💜NFT tickets that would look like the image above. Tell us the cost of your NFT Tickets and the utility. You no longer need to charge a lot for your event tickets because you can monetize your event by selling your NFTV live streaming video at the end of your event. Your event attendees will have the first opportunity to own your event content video and flip it on

👉 Many of your NFT event attendees will not own crypto, so they can buy LUV 💜NFT tickets with fiat on our platform. 

👉 All an attendee needs to do is download a free Polygon crypto wallet to enter their address during checkout. 

👉 Once a ticket is purchased, it’s air dropped to their Polygon crypto wallet and available on to easily resell. 

👉 If you’re teaching a NFT class to attendees who never owned a NFT before, you missed the first lesson learning about NFTs. 

2️⃣ We create your Private Discord or Telegram event club channel for your live event that will display your Livepeer stream to your NFT ticket holders.

3️⃣ We partnered with Livepeer to create the first livestream marketplace platform that allows you to host an event, then mint it as a LUV 💜NFT on Polygon blockchain. Visit (Polygon Testnet)

👉 Apply to host your event, and you will be given an API code to stream. Once the stream ends, mint it as a LUV 💜NFT. 

👉 Airdrop LUV 💜NFT giveaways connected to your physical merch during your event.

👉 Attendees can resell your event LUV 💜NFT event tickets or your event content video. 

Everyone wins with LUV 💜NFT. 

Contact us about your event or Join or Discord.

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