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LUV NFT Barber

The term “NFT” is trending around the world and the masses still don’t understand what the term means. Why? Because no universal definition clearly defines what an NFT is outside of a one of one token with a digital currency value stored on a blockchain decentralized computer. What if I told you that we could onboard your web 2 business into web 3 by providing your business the dCommerce NFT products that will create the crypto capital to help you grow your business, supplement your marketing, or even fund your next project, initiative or expansion?

In 2020 my wife Dr. Candy Terry and I owned a PPC Marketing Agency. Over 45% of our clients had to discontinue their marketing campaigns due to the impact of the COVID 19 pandemic. The financial strains put on small businesses during that time led to many companies having to close their doors for good. After hearing and living through the struggles of our clients and the many sacrifices these owners had to make, we knew that there had to be a better way. After countless hours and endless research we both realized that a universal real life solution didn’t exist. This prompted us to start a blockchain nonprofit called BLK LUV org in 2020 to create a crypto solution to bridge the gap for small businesses needing capital with the use of NFTs. In the midst of consulting NFT projects for companies like HULU, Audio Mack, UMG, World Poker Tour, and even speaking at popular crypto conferences like NFT.NYC , my wife and I were busy behind the scenes creating a new blockchain nonprofit blueprint to onboard the world to the new digital economy. I learned Web 3 coding and infused my years of growing brands utilizing my digital marketing experience of 20 years, to then create the first dCommerce Market emoji β€œmonopoly-like” Game that acts as the bridge to onboarding users to web 3.

So, now that you have a little bit of our backstory, let’s jump right into how a barber (or any service/product based business) can auction the LUV NFT Token IFL (in real life).

NFT Barber Token

1️⃣ First let’s begin by choosing a category below that best describes your business: 

πŸ–ΌAre you a product based business? (ie; a store owner selling items, realtor selling a property, author selling a book, an artist selling a piece of art, etc.) 


πŸ’ˆAre you a service based business? (ie; barber, restaurant, cleaning company, repairman, gig worker, etc) 

From here we can determine the best path to onboarding you to our platform.

Now it’s time to join our tribe by applying here. A great way to increase your chances of getting your application approved, is to simply follow us on all of our social media platforms.

5d luvr badge
5D LUVR – Omar Sanchez in Cabo San Lucas

2️⃣ Once you’re approved, we will then create your personalized 5D LUVR Digital ID. Just follow the steps below to get started.

  • πŸ“› 5D LUVR name. (Ex 5D LUVR Omar Sanchez)
  • 🀳🏽 Send us a pic of how you want your 5️⃣D LUVR to look.
  • πŸ“ Send us your bio (1️⃣5️⃣0️⃣ characters).
  • πŸŒ‡ Tell us the city you rep
  • 🌝 Send us your sun zodiac sign
  • 🌚 Send us your moon zodiac sign
LUV NFT Market Store

3️⃣ Upon the purchase of your personalized 5D LUVR Digital ID you will receive a free LUV NFT start up token and a free marketplace page to sell and auction your LUV NFT products or services to your existing customers to support your new metaverse business venture. On web 2 a typical nonprofit will host a charity auction with the promise of the proceeds going towards the cause after they take their piece of the pie. On web 3, our blockchain nonprofit allows our tribe to host a charity auction of their first Metaverse NFT to support their new venture. This ensures transparency as it is all encrypted, on the blockchain as an open ledger for any donors or supporters to see.

4️⃣ This is an extremely valuable option for your existing customers because in exchange for your customer becoming the winner of your LUV NFT auction they not only own a digital asset, they are also allowed to make their own residual income just by flipping it for more than what they initially paid. They can then chose to resell it to new or even to your existing customers. This creates a trickle up economy within your current Web 2.0 business.

We at LUV NFT do all of the heavy NFT Marketing and lifting for you. This even includes creating your LUV NFT Auction date and timeline. You can create any realistic prize for the winner of your LUV NFT auction (ie; a year of free hair cuts, free dessert with every entree, free makeup service on their bday, etc ). Let’s say your starting auction launch price is at $500, if you charged $50 a hair cut, and it sold at the closing price of $500, this would pay itself off in a matter of only 10 hair cuts. Once your auction ends and your customer receives his LUV NFT Barber Token he can resell it on by connecting his wallet to the NFT Marketplace and then create a new resell price of that token. You continue to get residuals as well as the initial client/customer and so on and so on. This is how everyone wins just by simply spreading more LUV.

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