LUV NFT Market Nonprofit Telegram Crypto Ordering & Delivery Service

BLK LUV [org], the parent company of LUV NFT, an dCommerce NFT Marketplace created a pandemic relief solution for small businesses around the world. One of the solutions includes creating a Telegram Market bot that allows you to shop order from small businesses locally directly through Telegram.Β A large majority of 800,000 small business that haven’t closed their doors since the pandemic of 2020 are still struggling to stay afloat.

LUV NFT Market’s mission is to alleviate in unnecessary software fees for small business that are approved for a LUV NFT grant. Upon being approved a small business can tokenize their business location, stake their Polygon LUV NFT Estate (LNE) and become a LNElord that unlocks the utility of utilizing LUV NFT Market’s Telegram ordering chat bot to replace using Uber Eats, Door Dash and the other platforms taxing small businesses that can barely afford to pay their staff.

Hahz & Candy BLK LUV [org] called it the first-ever end-to-end shopping experience on Telegram where people can now buy food and groceries from LUV NFT right in a chat.

Here’s how it works.Β  Telegram users can join LUV NFT Market room to utilize the Market LUV NFT chatbot that will have a catalog of products and services including food from local restaurants and groceries users can order. From there, you just enter your address, pay for the food or groceries with Bitcoin Lighting through the app and receive your stuff.Β 

Small businesses that stake their LUV NFT virtual real estate mapped to their physical business location can use the end-to-end Telegram ordering chat bot for free.

Verified LUVR NFT avatar drivers can earn 100% of their delivery fees.Β A LUVR NFT avatar will act as a Polygon blockchain badge to verify the driver to the user that placed the order, we will use Telegram to conduct all delivery communication in a open room to hold everyone involved accountable.

All of the communication between users, restaurants, small businesses and drivers exist in an open Telegram channel as a solution to hold everyone accountable for the way they conduct their business. 

β€œTraditional Web 2 grants are outdated and not providing businesses with instant relief. To date we bootstrap our solutions by creating a solution ourselves which includes building a nonprofit NFT Marketplace that would of required a six figures in funding to outsource. 

Underfunded businesses that were affected by the 2020 pandemic haven’t bounced back yet because of the amount of overhead that it cost to run a restaurant or small business. Our end goal is allowing businesses to run their business with no going software overhead starting with their LUV domain name, business messaging chat-based experiences and NFTs.” Hahz said.

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