LUV NFT RENTAL MARKETPLACE – The Web 3.0 Way of Renting Services, Products and Homes

Play-to-earn gaming is the newest craze in the web 3.0 world, but unless you have thousands in your crypto wallet, you probably won’t be able to participate. For those unfamiliar with NFT rental world players rent the non-fungible tokens used in games as tools, creatures, or skins. These NFTs, are often required for playing or they give players an advantage. In exchange for renting the NFTs, players pay the lenders a cut of whatever cryptocurrency they earn while battling, farming, or racing online. Essentially, NFTs are already maturing to the point where they have de facto web 3.0 landlords.

Our NFT Research Campaign found out, the majority of NFT owners hold more than 10 NFTs , more than half of these NFTs hold utilities such as access to real life events, in-game assets and digital experiences making them a perfect fit for NFT rental purposes. NFTs without any utilities aren’t sexy to investors in collectors in 2022, because they are only a PFP (Profile picture project). For those late to the NFT game suffer from the high entry barrier for certain NFTs which is another reason why NFT rentals will be big in 2022. The average virtual property cost is $11,000 in like The Sandbox or Decentraland which have seen a great increase in value this year.

Our rental platform is a solution to this high barrier of entry by allowing everyone to be included in this digital reVULution no matter what your financial status is. We also removed the need for anyone to have to pay a collateral similar to the actual price of the rented NFT by creating a collateral platform. Renters only have to pay the fee for their rental duration, making it super affordable to rent even high value NFTs.

LUV NFT is the first platform to use NFT rentals IRL (In real life) for renting services, products or homes. Time is the new currency of web 3.0 and renting out your time for your services, products or home is the new way of doing business thanks to LUV NFT technology. We removed the outdated middleman fees and the need to sign up for accounts because all you need is a MetaMask wallet connected to your Apple Pay. Your 5D LUVR is your digital ID and as a tribe we communicate with each in Discord or Telegram to do business like the good ole days, this allows us all to see and hold each others business communication accountable.


  • Anyone who has created a ERC721 contract can list their NFTs for Rent in the Marketplace.
  • When an host who owns a NFT lists a NFT for rent in the Marketplace, the ownership of the item will be transferred from the owner to the marketplace.
  • Anyone can rent the NFTs listed in the marketplace by paying rent.
  • When a user rents a NFT, the rental price will be transferred from the buyer to the seller and the NFT will be transferred from the marketplace to the renter.
  • The Renter will not be able to transfer the NFT to anyone, because the smart contract prevents the token transfer while it is on rent.
  • Finish Renting function will enable anyone to end the renting process, and return the NFT to the NFT Owner.


Let your inn-active NFTs generate revenue and rent them out temporarily. Our LUV NFT Metaverse eco-system goal is to tokenize any NFT that has a rentable use case whether online or offline on-chain as an LUV NFT for secure, and quick rentability. This includes everything from intellectual property rights, physical/digital real estate, to in-game item purchases in gaming experiences. Rent LUV NFT Marketplace is the merger of NFTs x DeFi. Our platform enables peer to peer renting of ERC-721 non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on Polygon mainnet (Currently on testnet Mumbai).

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