LUV NFT Market answers the #1 question “What is an NFT”? A LUV NFT is a one of one digital asset backed by cryptocurrency stored on blockchain. Think of a LUV NFT as a cool crypto gift card that earns interest inside of your digital wallet. Accepting LUV NFT donations for your small business is as simple as sending someone a Cash App payment, all you need is another players wallet address. Two types of tokens exist in blockchain fungible (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Harmony One) and non-fungible aka NFTs (LUV NFT, Crypto Punks, Bored Apes). One of the biggest misconceptions is that an NFT isn’t money, because they have been introduced to the masses as digital art. An NFT is cryptocurrency backed by the fungible token of the blockchain that created it. A Harmony One NFT is backed by their ONE fungible token. As the value of Harmony One increases so does the value of the NFT. 

As one of the NFT experts in the blockchain community that lectures at conferences and universities about non traditional NFT use cases, my wife and I wanted to create a solution to provide small businesses with crypto capital. – Hahz Terry

In March, a survey found around 10% of stimulus check funds—nearly $40 billion of the $380 billion in direct stimulus check deposits—may have been used to buy bitcoin and stocks, with stimulus check recipients found to prefer crypto. One of the reasons why is due to the interest rate growth within the crypto economy that allows your crypto money to work for you by holding it inside of your digital wallet. For example in 2020 Solana went from $1 a token to $232 which was a 17,682% increase of growth. LUV NFTs provide small businesses with start up capital and a built in tribe of support players called 5D LUVRS. Our social media platforms are used in a different way than web 2.0 use cases, if you hold a LUV NFT in your wallet you’re a crypto share holder and partial owner of our nonprofit game. We created a LUV NFT Market Discord to allow our tribe the ability to market their products and services with no algorithms in exchange for bartering LUV NFTs which all have different values of cryptocurrency depending on the market rate. 

Make up artists can tell their customers to send them a LUV NFT donation in exchange for free services by purchasing an NFT in our shop 🛍 and sending it their crypto wallet. Why? LUV NFTs provide small businesses with instant pandemic relief capital. Your customers can write off their crypto donation. Everyone wins. Our LUV NFT shop has NFT Makeup Artist Currency and NFT Wedding Makeup Artist Currency for sale. Check our market daily because we also restock our LUV NFTs. If our LUV NFT Makeup is out of stock use the hashtag #💄💜NFT to find someone on social media holding an NFT and slide in their DM to make them an offer to buy it.

How to onboard your business to LUV NFT Market? You need a custom 5D LUVR 😍 character. To place your order you have to have crypto to donate to our blockchain nonprofit BLK LUV [org] 💒 that created our LUV Metaverse and DM @luvnft on Twitter. A 5D LUVR is your character in our dCommerce game and your PFP (Picture for proof and profile pic) green LUV NFT verification check. By adding your 5D LUVR to our social media as a PFP you allow other players the ability to know that you’re in the game and slide in your DM to barter LUV NFTs for free products and services.

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