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Own the first ever LUV NFT Crystal that comes with a free Sybil Peach Moonstone Pave Adjustable Bracelet NFT Crystal

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Own the first ever LUV NFT Taylor Howlite Bracelet that comes with a free Sybil Peach Moonstone Pave Adjustable Bracelet that will be shipped to the first buyer.ย  ย 
Our Taylor Howlite and lava diffuser bracelet is perfect for the essential oil lover in you. Lava diffuser beads can be used to diffuse oils to aid with headaches, anxiety and overall health.
Howlite Healn Crystals help withย :
โ€ขReducing anxiety and stress
โ€ขHelping with encouraging emotional expression
To apply oils, place the earrings on a cloth or paper towel. Use one or two drops of oil on the lava bead, and let soak in a bit before wearing. After wearing, use a soft cloth to wipe off any oils before putting them away. Repeat as necessary, the scent will naturally wear off after a couple of days.
Will custom make anything that you see longer, shorter or with another wire.
Natural volcanic lava stones are very lightweight and porous making them a great diffuser of essential oils! Numerous color choices!!! These lava stones can be reused over and over (I try and use a separate bead for each oil I use, or use complimentary scents if reusing the bead with a different oil). Depending on what color lava stone is used, it can change up the look of your jewelry! Wash with water and allow to dry.
Diffuser jewelry has longer lasting effects than application to the skin. You can enjoy all the therapeutic benefits of essential oils without having to apply topically and worry about proper dilution ratios. You can also enjoy the scent of your favorite perfume, without having to apply chemicals to your skin. This diffuser necklace not only smells amazing and offers the benefits of inhaling essential oils, but it can be worn with any outfit to add some flare.
Remove all inserts when not using and use mild soap to clean your jewelry on a regular basis. You can wear your necklace 24 hours, but it is best on wear and tear if you do not wear your jewelry while working out, getting wet or while sleeping.


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