LUV NFT Stylist #1


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Barter this ✂️ LUV NFT with a hair stylist in exchange for free hair service.

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Only 111 aquamarine color LUV NFT Stylist tokens will ever exist. Purchase this LUV NFT and barter this ✂️ LUV NFT with a hair stylist in exchange for free hair service. If no more NFT Stylist tokens are available don’t worry our money printer goes Burrrrrr! We will mint some more LUV NFTs for your small business services. Collect 44 LUV NFTs and we will brand you business a custom NFT Stylist collection. 

🕹️The Game

🪙 Emoji hieroglyph marketing #✂️💚1️⃣ to find who is holding this LUV NFT in their bag on social media.

🪙 You don’t need to own crypto to purchase this LUV NFT, all that you need is a Polygon crypto wallet address. *Make sure to write down your private key offline*

🪙 Once you purchase this LUV NFT it will appear in your Polygon crypto wallet entered during checkout.

🪙 Your shiny new piece of virtual NFT estate will appear on all you have to do is search the title of the LUV NFT.

🪙 Barter this NFT with someone in our Discord or Telegram.

🪙 Teach others how to play the game, as a LUV NFT holder your shares of the game will 📈.

Philly facts: The Philadelphia Mint, the nation’s first mint, provides a wide array of coins and manufacturing services.

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