How To Barter A LUV NFT For A Free Haircut

5d luvr barber

The digital world is evolving faster than light speed ever since the crypto craze of 2020 happend. The technological marvel is going to great heights and it is still evolving to be something that is highly recognizable by everyone. Numerous improvements have been made in the past few years and a dominant advancement has been added to the bag of the digital space; the technology of NFTs.

To ensure that no small business is left behind the metaverse gold rush our blockchain nonprofit BLK LUV [org] created a solution to generate crypto capital in the form a LUV NFT donation in our LUV NFT Market game.

While the blockchain community was concerned with crypto gains, my wife and I we’re working on using web 3.0 technology to solve real world issues that we’re happening outside of the blockchain bubble. – Wizard of HAHZ

Prior to blockchain non profit’s lacked transparency and proof of utilizing donations for the intended purpose. We solved this issue by creating a pandemic relief game that ensures donations reach the intended donee by putting the responsibility of donating in the hands of the players.

Barbers are independant contractors that have felt the impact of COVID-19 and are in need of pandemic relief donations. Here is how you can donate a LUV NFT to your barber in exchange for a free hair cut.

How To Play

  1. You need a 5D LUVR character. You can order custom 5D LUVR (Example). DM @LUVNFT on Twitter to place your order (optional)
  2. You need a Harmony ONE wallet address to enter during checkout to receive your LUV NFT. We recommend Trust Wallet.
  3. When you check out enter your Harmony ONE wallet address.
  4. Once you purchase it, the game begins. Put your barber on the game by showing him how to set up his Trust wallet to accept your LUV NFT #šŸ’œšŸ’ˆ NFT donation for a šŸ†“ cut.
  5. Send your LUV NFT to your barbers Trust wallet address instantly with no middleman fees.
  6. Join our Discord or Telegram to barter LUV NFTs for FREE services and products.

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